St. Issey C of E Primary School

The children, parents and staff at St Issey are amazing and all strive to ensure our school is a fantastic place full of opportunities. We nurture independent lifelong learners by developing children’s natural curiosity and creativity believing it’s important to make every day of a child’s education a special and memorable one. All decisions and developments are made with their well-being and success at the forefront of our minds. As a result, every day at St Issey is unique and leads our pupils to achieving truly remarkable things.

Through our school vision of ‘Be strong and courageous’ and our school values; Hope, Dignity, Community and Wisdom we encourage our staff, parents and community to work collaboratively to support the children in pursuit of high standards within a happy, loving and supportive environment, in the spirit of the school’s Christian foundation.

Venture Multi Academy Trust

Venture MAT comprises just two schools; Trevithick Learning Academy, a large primary school in Camborne and ourselves, a small rural church school near Wadebridge. We maintain organisational independence and our offer is unique to our own circumstances. As schools we both complement and contrast each other. Our differences enable our children to benefit from experiences impossible in our own schools, fostering friendships with other children outside of our immediate community.

Additionally, our partnership enables us to share curriculum systems and learn best practice from one another and each year our children also get the benefit of attending residential trips with their corresponding year groups, alongside taking part in sporting competitions and exciting topic days.